Team MarsRoom envisions our planet's future being powered by the mix of renewable energy and multipurpose resources. Yulia has worked in the renewable energy industry for over 20 years and understands its systems and methods of operation. Alex, an IT engineer by trade, has worked with wind energy technology and strives to find intelligent ways to preserve and care for our planet’s most precious resources. History teaches us industries can and do evolve in a very short timeframe. MarsRoom is dedicated to transforming the locally grown, gourmet mushroom industry and protecting our collective, sustainable future.

What Sets Us Apart
- we are local so we significantly reduce emissions in comparison to deliveries from outside of the Denver Metro area; products are mostly delivered by a hybrid vehicle
- mushrooms are high in protein content, therefore, they can be used as a meat substitution and, in turn, reduction in meat consumption leads to less greenhouse gas emissions
- our philosophy is to minimize the use of materials that can end up in landfills and we do our best to give things we use a second (or more) purpose
- our mushrooms are grown on organic-certified substrate and no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals are used throughout the growth process
- mushrooms can be air dried which significantly increases their shelf life, without the need to throw them away if they are not used in time while fresh

We are driven by our passion to provide the Denver Metro community with a healthy and nutritious product. MarsRoom is our beautiful future!